The ACT Test

What is the ACT Test?
The ACT test is a standardized test given to students looking to move on to post-secondary education at a college or university. The test gives universities a standard way of assessing where individuals are educationally in preparing for college.  

Why do I need to take the ACT Test?
ACT scores are utilized to determine admittance and financial aid awards given by universities. However, a large majority of community colleges may not require students to take the ACT to gain admittance. In addition, retaking the ACT typically increases your score by 2 or 3 points. 

Why should I take the ACT if I already took the SAT?
The ACT and the SAT both test college readiness, but in different ways. The good news is that admissions departments usually accept your highest test score. While Michigan colleges publish their admissions and financial aid numbers based on the SAT, most will use your ACT score if it is higher.


Where can I get free test preparation for the ACT test?
For more information visit the ACT website at  There you will find test preparation tips and sample test problems. 

Do I need to take the ACT writing portion of the test?
Colleges vary on this question on three levels, 1). Required 2). Recommended 3). Not Required.  TRIO Pre-College Programs recommend asking the admissions representative what the colleges expectation is. Unless all of the schools you are applying to do not require the writing portion, take the test.

Where and when do I take the ACT?
The ACT Website provides information on registration and testing location.

How do I pay for the ACT?
As a TRIO Pre-College Program participant, you may REQUEST A WAIVER to cover the costs of the ACT.
NOTE: TRIO Pre-College Programs is not able to waive late fees.