Current TRIO Talent Search Participants

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Annual Trips

9th Grade
Each fall TRIO Talent Search brings their 9th grade students on a one night trip to tour to Wisconsin.

10th & 11th Grade
Over each CCISD & GOISD Spring break, TRIO Talent Search offers a three day trip to tour colleges over three days.

TRio Talent Search rotates their location each year so students will not tour the same colleges in 10th and 11th grade.

11th & 12th Grade
TRIO Talent Search invites active participants to the annual MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit. This conference offers students an opportunity for students to gain insight and training for leadership as well as a time to celebrate accomplishments.

Additional Resources

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Fight Distraction! The number-one enemy of effective studying is common everyday distraction, at home or wherever you're studying. learn to minimize distractions.

Try to increase your reading speed. Studies show the faster you read, the faster your brain processes information. It also helps in the retention of that information.

How to Learn.

The following subjects deal with how your brain takes in and stores information. Once you know this, you can tailor your learning to the style that best suits you.

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Effective note-taking helps a student in both hearing about something for the first time and in the retention of the information presented. nothing is better for studying later than looking at notes.

How to make the most of your time.

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Learn how to budget your time properly. using the advice and schedule found here will help you identify your priorities and plan your day and week to meet those goals.

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