TRIO Talent Search Services

TRIO Talent Search works with the administration, counselors and teachers of each served school district to offer services to each class as a whole, families in our service area and to students enrolled in TRIO Talent Search.

Classroom Focused Services

  • 6th Grade - SMART Goal Setting

  • 7th Grade - Note Taking & Learning Styles

  • 8th Grade - Studying & Test Taking Strategies

  • 9th Grade - Study Distractions

  • 10th Grade - Career Exploration

  • 11th Grade - Preparing for the SAT

  • 12th Grade - College Applications, Financial Aid & Scholarships


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Family Focused Services

Presentation: How to Pay for College: When a student makes the decision to attend college, one of the first things on their parent or guardian’s mind is, “How are we going to afford college?” We’ve got you covered. TRIO Talent Search staff stay up to date on financial aid procedures and are happy to guide families the process.

FSA ID & FAFSA Completion Assistance: The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a required form which needs to be completed annually in order to receive federal student aid. TRIO Talent Search schedules open-house events at schools where families can bring the required information, work on the form and ask for assistance as needed.


TRIO Talent Search Participants

College Trips: TRIO Talent Search’s college trips are easily the students’ favorite part of being in TRIO Talent Search. A variety of trips are planned each year, from one-day trips in the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin to three-day trips to the Lower Peninsula or Wisconsin. Students will have the opportunity to see up to ten college campuses before they graduate.

8th Grade Monthly Meetings: See our 8th Grade page for more information.

One-on-One & Small Group Meetings: Students enrolled in TRIO Talent Search meet with their Academic Adviser anywhere from one to four times each year they are enrolled to check in, obtain resources, and learn about upcoming TRIO activities. Students may also request meetings with their adviser as needed.

College Application Waiver: We suggest that students apply to 3-5 colleges, but paying 3-5 application fee’s is not always feasible for families. To help, TRIO Talent Search offers enrolled participants the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Waiver. The NACAC Waiver is accepted by many colleges. For more information about the NACAC, click HERE.

Please note, TRIO Talent Search cannot pay for application fees if the college(s) of your choice does not accept the NACAC Waiver, nor can we reimburse fees already paid.

SAT & ACT Waivers: While the purpose of standardized tests, like the SAT & ACT, is to measure a student’s college readiness, a student’s score can have a significant impact on college admissions and financial aid. The better the score, the more likely a student is to receive merit-based aid. We suggest students retake the SAT at least once and/or taking the ACT. TRIO Talent Search can provide waivers to cover the cost of testing.

College Application, Scholarship & Federal Financial Aid Assistance: TRIO Talent Search’s Academic Adviser’s are happy to help students with their college applications, admission essays, scholarship essays or any questions about the financial aid process. For help in these areas, please contact your Academic Adviser.