TRIO TS Services


The GOISD Major College Field Trip is currently being rescheduled.  Watch this space for information!



TRIO TS is a community resource, hosted by Finlandia University; part of being that resource is supporting the people who work directly with students and their families.  We appreciate the hard work everyone who supports 'students becoming successful in school and beyond' does, so we want to support that effort any way we can.  This page has helpful resources to assist, but let us know if you need anything else and we can add on.


Services We Offer Schools, Students, and Families

  • Career and College Planning
    • Large and small group presentations
    • 1-on-1 meetings with participants
    • Support with Application Week/Month
    • Assistance with completing college applications
  • Parent/Guardian Information Night for Options Beyond High School
    • How to pay for education beyond high school
      • Full range of local, state, and federal student financial aid programs
      • Resources for locating public and private scholarships
  • College Field Trips
    • Admissions presentations
    • Major options and classes to choose
    • Walk on campus
  • Financial Aid Workshops
    • FAFSA completion nights
    • Information to improve financial and economic literacy
  • SAT Preparation with Mini-Tests
  • Connections to tutoring services
  • Study and Test Taking Skills
    • Course selection
    • Creating good study habits
  • Career Assessment and Exploration
    • Career counseling
  • Guidance and assistance in secondary school reentry, alternative education programs for dropouts, entry into GED programs and/or postsecondary education
  • Others, just ask

Fee Waivers

SAT and ACT Test

Retaking the SAT and taking the ACT test is beneficial to students for many reasons, but the most important reason comes down to dollars and cents.  The better your score, the more likely you are to receive merit based aid.

Here is information about retaking the SAT Test.

Here is information about retaking the ACT Test. 


College Fee Waivers

One reason students don't apply to their dream school, multiple schools they feel good about, AND the safety school is the college application fee.  Student who are part of our TRIO Pre-College Programs can apply for free to many state universities and colleges.  We utilize the National Association for College Admission Counseling waiver and if you have questions about it, please refer to this website. 

TRIO Pre-College Programs does not pay for application fees if the waiver is not accepted, nor can we reimburse if students already paid the fee.