SAT Resources

Link your PSAT scores right to Khan Academy for personalized, skill-based practice that prepares you for the SAT. 

For this page simply click on the text or the logo to be taken to the free resource, we always appreciate sharing the great resources we find so if you have a suggestion, please free free to let us know (BY CONTACTING US) so we can add it for others to access resources to enhance their success on the SAT Test. 

Khan Academy who works from the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.  This non-profit partnered with CollegeBoard, who owns and operates the SAT test, to provide students with access to free preparation materials for the college readiness exam. 

  • Please note when you only have access to the four practice tests once, after you start them you won't be able to restart and access them.  Please use the short quizzes and other tools before starting a timed practice test which do expire. 

Sample Questions from CollegeBoard can be accessed at your leisure on their website.  Utilize these to build your content knowledge as well as the frame of how questions are asked.  The SAT utilizes many skills not tested on previous tests like the ACT, so preparation and practice are vital!

Yes, there is an app for that.  College Board has developed an application you can download on your smartphone or device to practice  and develop your skills for success on the SAT test.  As the Daily Practice for the New SAT website says, "Warning, Reading further will eliminate any excuse not to practice for the SAT".