TRIO Upward Bound
Summer Program Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with our TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program 2017 staff!  Please find the application and position descriptions below.  To complete the application process please thoroughly complete the Summer Program application and send it to Joe Zerbst, with your resume and cover letter.  We are excited to hear from you and know you will enjoy the experience!

To be considered for a position, applicants are required to submit:

  1. Completed and signed application

  2. Resume

  3. Coverletter

    Resident Assistant and Overnight Assistant applicants, be sure to include statement about why you are seeking employment with TRIO Upward Bound hosted by Finlandia University.  Talk about any special skills, hobbies, experience, and personal interests you possess.  Please list any additional training, education, or experience that you feel is relevant to the position.  (This must be typed and included with application)

Interviews will start after March 4th, 2017 and continue until all positions are filled.

TRIO UB Summer Program Application

All applications for employment with the TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program must be accompanied by this, the TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program Application. 

If applying for multiple positions, only one application is required, but each desired position must be included on application's first question.

Fillable PDF Forms will still need to be signed and included with rest of application materials. 

Job descriptions for open summer positions

TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program Instructor Positions

Positions are open until filled