TRIO Talent Search 8th Grade Program

TRIO TS 8th Grade Participants

Why you should join TRIO Talent Search in 8th Grade?

Testimonials from TRIO Talent Search 8th Grade participants:

What do you enjoy most about being in TRIO Talent Search?

They open up more opportunities to what I should expect in the future.
— Forest Park Student
I enjoyed the fact that someone was taking their time to help me plan out my future. I also enjoyed when we played (The Game of) Life because it was fake, but yet really realistic
— Jeffers Student
I most enjoy being in TRIO because they help you get ready for college but they make it fun.
— Wakefield Student
That it doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take up too much time but still provides useful information!
— Hancock Student
Tips on getting ready for high, college, and life.
— L'Anse Student
I learned about good note taking and the Game of Life
— Ironwood Student
... I also like when there are campus tours because that helps me decide where I want to go for college.
— Jeffers Student
It was a fun way to get ready for high school.
— Lake Linden Student
I like how I get to see what life is like being in college and being an adult, paying for bills and stuff.
— Lake Linden Student
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